What are vaccines, Why do my pets need so many?


You hear these questions from clients all the time. And no matter how often you answer, they can’t keep it straight. It’s too much information, there’s too much going on in the exam room—it’s overwhelming.

AAHA’s newly updated brochure, “Vaccinating Your Pet,” can help. It answers these and other common questions, such as:

  • ·     Which vaccines does my pet need?
  • ·     What are the possible risks?
  • ·     Is there a test that can determine whether my pet needs to be vaccinated?

Reviewed by board-certified veterinarians and updated to reflect the 2017 AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines, the easy question-and-answer format can help your clients better understand your recommendations. Plus, they can take it home to use as a handy reference.

Published by AAHA Press, “Vaccinating Your Pet” is the latest addition to the popular Pet Health Brochure series. The series contains 19 brochures focusing on common animal health concerns, from vaccinations and dental care to disease and anesthesia. With so much going on in the exam room, explaining the importance of high-quality care to clients can be a challenge. AAHA Press Pet Health Brochures are important and affordable tools that help answer client questions.

AAHA Press—the publishing arm of the American Animal Hospital Association—is an internationally regarded publisher and distributor of titles for veterinary care providers and pet owners.

You can buy “Vaccinating Your Pet” at press.aaha.org in packs of 50

 The entire Pet Health Brochure series is also available as a set.