Latest edition of AAHA’s most popular title answers your questions on “right-size” pricing

Question: What does your competition charge for a digital dental radiograph?

A.      $65         

B.      $89         

C.      $123

Answer: It depends on where you practice.*

It’s not a trick question—veterinary fees vary widely and depend on a combination of factors.

Find the answer in AAHA’s The Veterinary Fee Reference, Tenth Edition. It includes US veterinary fees for more than 530 services and cases and more than 640 tables with data on discounts, vaccination services, time scheduled for procedures, and more.

As veterinary professionals, you know that one of the trickiest aspects of running a practice is knowing how much to charge. What will keep you profitable and competitive within your unique market? Solve the mystery of “right-size” pricing with the 20th anniversary edition of AAHA’s bestselling statistical book.

The most comprehensive source for veterinary fees in the industry is completely updated.

Using the profession’s most reliable and well-organized information, you can confidently price your services correctly for your market (accounting for median household income of clients, metropolitan status of the practice, and so on) and for your practice’s philosophy, age, and size. Evidence-based fee setting lets you see exactly where you stand and adjust accordingly. 

New and updated data include:

  • Fees for acupuncture and in-home euthanasia 
  • Reasons practices elected to change fees 
  • Gross annual revenue of survey respondents
  • information on in-home euthanasia services 
  • Frequency of preventive care exams, rabies vaccines, FVRCP vaccines, and other services

With The Veterinary Fee Reference, Tenth Edition you'll be confident that your practice is establishing the right value for its services and products, resulting in fees that are both reasonable and competitive.

“With the abundance of change in the economy, we must adapt if we aim to remain successful. Practices need to adopt a well-thought-out, tactical approach to fees. . . . This tool does much of the heavy lifting for you, aiding in creating a sustainable business model and boosting your confidence in the way you run your business.” —Michael T. Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP (C/F)

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 *Actual figures from The Veterinary Fee Reference, Tenth Edition