Researchers want to know: How do you use telehealth? Do you use telehealth?


Telehealth is here.

But is it changing the way you practice veterinary medicine?

Lori Kogan, PhD, Peter Hellyer, DVM, and Regina Schoenfeld, PhD, want to find out, and they need your help. The Colorado State University (CSU) researchers are conducting a study on how veterinarians at AAHA-accredited hospitals use telemedicine to guide their decisionmaking.

The ways that veterinarians communicate and consult with clients are changing. Kogan, Hellyer, and Schoenfeld would like your views on this topic, so they created a short, anonymous, online survey to learn how veterinarians in private practice are using new technology—such as text, email, video conferencing, Facebook, and mobile apps—to communicate and consult with clients.

The researchers also want to find out how clients of AAHA-accredited hospitals prefer to communicate with their veterinarian and other pet health providers. So, they created a second survey aimed at clients—a survey they’d like your help in distributing.

Both surveys are short and take less than 10 minutes to complete.

After the data is analyzed and before the study is published, CSU will provide a short summary of the results to AAHA members. Please help by taking the survey yourself and spreading the word to your clients to ensure CSU gets as many responses as possible.

Survey link for AAHA members.

Survey link for clients.