Need help changing your practice's course (or your own)?

Do you feel like life is sometimes harder than it needs to be? Barely have time to eat lunch, let alone focus on your workplace culture? Are you multitasking, but still not getting everything done?

We hear you. AAHA’s new conference, Connexity by AAHA, is focused on finding solutions to everyday challenges in veterinary practices, so we asked you to tell us about the issues keeping you up at night—and molded the event’s educational lineup around your responses.

Ready to solve your practice’s culture problems? Check out how these Connexity by AAHA sessions can help:

Polarity: Caring for Others and Ourselves
Dr. Kimberly Pope Robinson 
This session is designed to take you on a journey toward sustainability in veterinary medicine by building the framework to view conflicting values and responsibilities from the perspective of “and” rather than “or.”

From Disney to Dean: Insights on Career Success and Improved Wellbeing
Dr. Mark Stetter 
In this fun and interactive session, Dr. Mark (Dean) Stetter will pull insights and examples from his executive roles at Disney and Colorado State University to explore positive reinforcement training techniques and how they can be applied to team recognition and appreciation programs to drive behavioral change.

Vet Life Hacks: Working Effectively with Every Personality in Your Practice
Karlene Belyea
Did you know that having a happy work team is the single greatest competitive advantage? In this fast-paced, interactive session, you'll learn how to work more effectively with different behavioral styles and generations to improve team engagement, energy, and profitability.

Culture Transformation: The Most Important Practice Leadership Decision You Will Ever Make
Dr. Ed Kanara
Dr. Ed Kanara will discuss what characterizes a healthy workplace—and why it’s absolutely worth the effort (hint: improved patient care and staff motivation). Plus, you’ll draft a one-page action plan that will allow you to overcome perhaps the biggest barrier to your practice’s culture transformation—getting started!

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