New from AAHA Press: A report card that’s sure to make the fridge

Why send pet owners home with a report card?

To ensure clear communication with our clients, and just maybe steer them away from Dr. Google and back to the practice, according to AAHA Senior Veterinary Officer Heather Loenser, DVM.

“There is so much [internet] chatter in the space of pet health care recommendations,” says Loenser. "Having concrete, specific, customized directions and diagnosis for an individual pet will help refocus a client’s energy back on their veterinarian’s advice.”

Improve client communication and increase compliance with AAHA’s Exam Report Cards.

Intuitively organized and thoroughly reviewed by veterinarians and technicians, this form ensures that your staff will capture all information.

“With so much to cover in an exam room, having tangible information for a pet caregiver to review after they’ve left us will help extend our recommendations at home,” Loenser says

Bonus: The report card integrates forward booking right into the exam, so scheduling the next appointment is a breeze.

AAHA’s new Exam Report Card. Order yours today from AAHA Press.