Weekly News Roundup 7/26 to 8/1



Cat owner installs camera to find out why he can’t breathe at night

Cats are treasured pets—so much so that owners have even gone as far as building them custom bedframes and nightstands. And although it’s a well-known fact that kitties can pretty much sleep anywhere at any time, cat parents still love to cuddle up with them at night. But one owner’s cat was the reason behind his breathing issues at night. “I couldn’t breathe when I slept, so I installed a camera,” reads the owner’s Tweet. Accompanying it are three black-and-white pictures showing a cat staring at him in the dark and then proceeding to lay on his face, explaining why the Texas native couldn’t breathe while sleeping. . . . more

Here’s what music dogs like, according to research

Canine hearing is on average three times more sensitive than human hearing. And while it’s hard to say whether dogs enjoy music, it’s not surprising that dogs prefer some tunes over others. So, what music do dogs like? There is some published research on the topic. A study published in Psychology & Behavior sought to measure how music affected stress levels in dogs living in a kennel. While the study tested only a narrow span of musical styles on the canines, it found dogs had the most favorable reaction to soft rock and reggae in terms of their exhibited stress levels. . . . more

Woman saves drowning dog with CPR

A dog lover saved an aging pit bull who was pulled from Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Lake in New York City Thursday by administering “mouth-to-snout” resuscitation on the soggy dog. “She was soaking wet. She smelled like a wet dog, and was dirty from being pulled from the water and onto the dirt. Her nose was wet and cold,” Lower East Side resident Holly DeRito told reporters Friday. “I heard somebody say, ‘Call 911!’ and saw someone pulling this dog out of the water and saying, ‘She’s not breathing!’” she recalled. “The owners were hysterical and saying, ‘No, no, no, please, no!’” DeRito sprang into action after the man who rescued the canine—a 12-year-old female named Bella—used a Heimlich maneuver to pump out her lungs. . . . more

Chaser, “world’s smartest dog,” who knew more than 1,000 words, dies at age 15

Many owners struggle to teach their dogs to sit, fetch, or bark on command, but John Pilley, a retired psychiatrist, taught his border collie to understand more than 1,000 nouns—a feat that earned them both worldwide recognition. In 2004, Pilley bought a black-and-white border collie he named Chaser. For three years, Pilley trained her for four to five hours a day. He showed her an object, said its name up to 40 times, then hid it and asked her to find it. He used 800 cloth animal toys, 116 balls, 26 flying discs, and an assortment of plastic items to ultimately teach Chaser 1,022 nouns. Chaser died on Tuesday. . . . more

Woman gets jail time for feeding stray cats in town called Garfield Heights

The only thing the folks in this town hate more than Mondays is feeding stray cats. A 79-year-old Ohio woman is going to be spending 10 days in jail next month for the crime of giving food to random felines—and that sentence was handed down by an official in a town called Garfield Heights, according to reports. Nancy Segula received the stiff sentence last week in court following her fourth and latest citation for the caring act. Segula began feeding the felines in 2017 when her then-neighbor moved and left his cats behind. . . . more