Free legal aid for veterinary practices


How does free legal aid sound?

With the global pandemic still in full swing, small businesses need all the help they can get, including legal advice. Free legal aid could be coming to your city—but you might have to wait a while.

Last week, the nonprofit Lawyers for Good Government Foundation (L4GG), a network of more than 125,000 legal advocates with lawyers across the country, announced the launch of its Small Business Remote Legal Clinic. The clinic will offer free legal consultations for small business owners, including veterinary practices, with fewer than 25 employees. The aim of the program is to help small business owners navigate the grant and loan options available under the new $2 trillion relief bill.

“Too many small business owners across the country, who already operate on narrow margins, are struggling with questions of how their business will survive the COVID-19 pandemic,” said L4GG President Traci Feit Love. “Lawyers for Good Government’s small business legal clinic can help them navigate this unanticipated economic crisis and provide them with the guidance they need at this time. The survival of America’s small businesses, including veterinary clinics, is essential to the strength of our economy and vital to our communities. It is critical that we do whatever we can to help sustain these businesses and their employees until this crisis subsides.”

The program will start in New York City and expand to other cities over the next several weeks.

The nonprofit has a page where you can sign up for updates on when the program reaches your city.

The remote clinic will be run by legal organizations in different cities that will provide answers to COVID-19–related questions, guidance regarding available funding under the new relief package, as well as assistance in filing for grants and loans. According to L4GG, small businesses with 25 or fewer employees will be offered free 45-minute consultations with pro bono attorneys in their area.

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