If cancelled conferences put a crimp in your CE plans, AAHA’s got you covered with online RACE-approved CE


As veterinary conferences get cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus concerns, you may be wondering how you’re going to fit in your continuing education.

Or maybe cancelled wellness visits have you feeling sidelined at work.

Put that unexpected down time to good use with AAHA Learning.

AAHA Learning has online RACE-approved CE, including scientific, practice management, and personal wellbeing courses accessible to AAHA members. AAHA members are already enrolled with free access to up to 50 online CE hours to complete at your own pace.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out Introduction to Radiation Safety. It’s our most popular course right now, and, like all AAHA Learning courses, open to nonmembers as well. Other popular courses include the Diabetes Educator Certificate Program and the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy.

AAHA Senior Veterinary Officer Heather Loenser, DVM, knows the value of keeping busy in uncertain times. “To quote my 11-year-old daughter: ‘My brain feels calmer when it’s learning,’” Loenser told NEWStat. “With so much out of control, it feels good to be able to concretely accomplish something, even if it’s brushing up on radiation safety.”

If you’re searching for ways to stay engaged and fulfill education requirements at the same time, AAHA Learning has you covered with:

  • RACE-approved CE for the whole team, from the veterinarian to the entire hospital staff
  • Regularly updated content ranging from scientific to professional skills
  • A variety of formats, such as interactive modules, virtual simulations, podcasts, and more

Practices can take advantage of another special opportunity—AAHA Learning for practices—which allows you to assign specific CE courses to individual staff members depending on their needs. This ensures your team accomplishes specific training requirements prior to engaging in clinical tasks—at a cost of $6 per month per user for members.

And if you’re searching for ways to keep your staff engaged during down time, this small investment provides much-needed RACE-approved CE to keep your practice operating at the highest level, and to empower staff to fulfill education requirements on their own time.

Find out more about how you can give your staff the gift of productive down time with AAHA Learning.

Photo credit: © iStock/Moyo Studio