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Managing COVID-19 podcast: Facing challenges and discovering opportunities in the midst of chaos

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How are you and your team working through today’s unforeseen challenges? If you’re feeling stressed, that’s no surprise.

“Ambiguity and uncertainty drive stress,” says Randy Hall, founder and CEO of Aspire and veterinary leadership consultant. Few would argue that we’re not living in ambiguous and uncertain times, and with the coronavirus situation changing daily, that’s likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

In this podcast, Hall sits down with a panel of veterinary experts to discuss the state of the profession. He’s joined by Julie Reck, owner and founder of Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill in South Carolina; Adam Hechko, DVM, vice president on the AAHA Board of Directors and owner of North Royalton Animal Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio; and Heather Loenser, DVM, AAHA’s senior veterinary officer.

Listen in as they share:

  • How they’re evolving, adapting, and restructuring their practices
  • How they’re problemsolving when faced with new hurdles or setbacks
  • Insight they have gained about themselves as leaders
  • What they’ve learned about their teams’ strengths and areas for growth
  • Profession trends

In times like these, Hall told NEWStat, it’s critically important that team leaders in veterinary hospitals do everything they can to inspire their teams to carry on, not as if everything were normal (because clearly they aren’t), but as if everything is going to be okay.

And while these are unprecedented times, the panel’s inspiring stories of engagement, growth, and innovation demonstrate that the veterinary profession has a strong, bright future ahead.

Photo credit: © iStock/baona


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