Make sure clients hear what you’re trying to tell them with these free videos

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Sometimes what one person says is not what another person hears.

Be sure to close this communication gap in your practice and learn how to communicate the importance of preventive healthcare in a way that both motivates the client and is easy to understand. These free online videos can help.

Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP), an alliance of more than 100 veterinary associations, veterinary colleges, and animal health companies focused on preventive care, and led by AAHA and the American Veterinary Medical Association, is offering these free, downloadable tools to help your team more effectively communicate the value of preventive care to pet owners.

The free tools include 22 training videos with accompanying scripts and discussion questions. Topics include:

  • Words Matter: Effective Versus Ineffective Ways to Talk About Flea Control This two-minute video shows two different ways of discussing flea control with clients.
  • Effective vs. Ineffective Ways to Respond to a Client’s Medical Questions A one-minute video that shows “good” and “bad” ways of responding to pet owners’ medical questions.
  • Prepare the Client for Future Healthcare Costs This two-minute video demonstrates how the entire practice team can have conversations with clients about a pet’s “big picture” healthcare.
  • Physical Exam This video provides advice on how to communicate the value and benefit of the physical exam and what the various components of the exam entail.

Start communicating more effectively about preventive healthcare today with these free, online videos from PHP.

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