Weekly News Roundup 7/3 to 7/9

Smuckers recalls one cat food variety

The J. M. Smucker Company is voluntarily recalling one lot of Natural Balance Ultra Premium Chicken & Liver Paté Formula canned cat food due to health concerns likely associated with elevated levels of choline chloride. In its announcement Wednesday, the company said the product may cause nausea with excessive salivation, constricted pupils, poor vision, and diarrhea or vomiting, or more severe symptoms including difficulty walking, tremors, irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, possible cardiac or respiratory failure and, in extreme situations, death. . . . more

Can a human drug stop life-threatening bleeding in dogs with traumatic injuries?

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in North Grafton, Massachusetts, has launched a clinical trial designed to assess whether a human medication given in the field to injured soldiers with traumatic bleeding would also benefit military working dogs with catastrophic injuries. The study also may improve the chance of survival for pets and other working dogs, such as local and state police K-9s. . . . more

Earlier-than-usual neutering can ease sexual aggression in male cats

Four state medical associations have endorsed fixing cats by five months of age, aligning with AAHA, the AVMA, and the American Association of Feline Practitioners, thanks to lobbying efforts by the Feline Fix by Five Months campaign. Reducing aggressive behavior and minimizing health risks in cats are at the heart of the group’s efforts. Launched in 2016, the movement, which promotes the early sterilization of cats in the interest of medical, behavioral, and community wellness, has been formally endorsed by state veterinary medical associations in Maine, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi. . . . more

Animal hospital reports alarming increase in parvovirus cases amid COVID-19 pandemic

There has been an alarming increase in parvovirus cases and hospitalizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, an emergency pet hospital has found. Analysis of data from BluePearl Pet Hospital‘s more than 90 locations showed a 70% increase in the number of parvovirus cases relative to ER cases in 2020 compared to the same time periods in the past five years, according to a hospital news release. Amid the outbreak, many people turned to animals for companionship, resulting in an uptick in fostering and adoption of shelter animals. Hospital officials said some of the shelter animals may have been released without the completion of their vaccination series. . . . more

Cases of Fanconi-like syndrome still occurring in dogs

Alicia Smith was concerned. Her usually happy, healthy six-year-old Pomeranian, Rue, was acting differently. Smith noticed early last October that Rue was constantly thirsty, drinking lots of water, and needing to urinate much more than usual. When Rue, who would never eliminate on a hard surface, urinated on the patio, Smith knew something was wrong. . . . more

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