JAAHA launches a streamlined new website

The Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association (JAAHA), AAHA’s peer-reviewed, bimonthly, scientific journal, unveiled a new website this week.

The new site has a sleek, modern look that improves reader experience and includes easy access to

  • Improved mobile responsiveness
  • Optional split-screen reading
  • Curated articles based on your preferences
  • Saved searches, alerts, and notifications

Laura Esterman, AAHA’s editorial director, said this new launch not only improves the site’s functionality, it gives it a fresh, new, modern look, “which better suits the cutting-edge scientific articles that JAAHA publishes.”

JAAHA strives to provide relevant and timely articles that advance the veterinary profession and help its readers practice the best medicine. Esterman says the redesign enhances that goal: “The homepage is much more robust and offers new features: readers can easily navigate to the latest, most read, and most cited articles as well as check out a free article from a forthcoming issue. At the article level, you can easily jump to any section of the article by way of the hyperlinked listing of contents.”

Other new features include improved mobile responsiveness so that readers can easily read JAAHA articles on any preferred device, and optional split-screen reading that allows you to pin figures and tables next to the article—no more scrolling back and forth!

Ease of use was a major goal in the redesign.

“We wanted each new feature to make it easier for our readers to fit JAAHA into their busy schedules and to tailor their reading experience, which is what was exciting for us at AAHA,” said Esterman.

Improving reader experience was another.

“JAAHA readers can now set up saved searches within the journal. So, if a clinician is particularly interested in one topic, such as studies on a procedure or species, [they] can set up a saved search and receive an email anytime a new article is released on that topic.”

“We want JAAHA to be useful and to meet our readers wherever they are,” Esterman said. The improved mobile site allows them to catch up on JAAHA articles on the go and set up email alerts to notify them when the latest issue is available online (and before the print issue arrives). They can also create alerts to receive updates on individual articles to stay up to date on new comments, corrections, or retractions.

“Just like the rest of AAHA, our journal seeks to lead the profession by publishing high-quality original studies, retrospective studies, and review articles,” Esterman said. JAAHA also publishes all of AAHA’s guidelines, such as the recently released 2020 AAHA /AAFP Feline Vaccination Guidelines. “Our peer-reviewed articles are at the forefront of veterinary medicine and help our readers to stay updated on the latest science.”

The new website is a major step forward in realizing that mission.

Photo credit: © SDI Productions/E+ via Getty Images

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