Targeted digital communication is a value driver for compliance

Communication with your clients about product updates and promotions helps drive and maintain compliance and business continuity. When trying to solve the compliance challenge, you should look for and consider technology solutions that include turn-key digital marketing programs that enable simple, targeted and automated e-mail campaigns. Automated, “set it and forget it” email marketing campaigns drive clients into your practice for products and services, like vaccinations and core prevention needs, and help lessen the marketing burden on you and your staff.

But have you ever stopped to consider the role that your data plays in ensuring the success of your client communications? 

Clean client data helps to increase the effectiveness of your communications.  For example, you send an email to your clients who currently use a topical flea, tick, and heartworm (FTHW) preventive for their dogs. It explains the benefits of a new oral FTHW preventative your practice just started to recommend. However, two potential roadblocks could arise and hinder the success of your email:

1) Practice management software typically does not have a field to collect what FTHW treatment is currently being utilized by a pet parent

2) Client contact data might be inaccurate or missing

Certain client engagement software platforms scrub the client database and notify practice staff when a client is missing an email address or phone number. Your staff can then ask clients for this information during a phone call or at check-in/check-out. As your database becomes more complete, your appointment reminders and other communications get to the right client, at the right time, for the right pet, helping support growth in practice revenue.

Accurate data, and the ability to apply filters to the data, is the “secret sauce” that makes leveraging a comprehensive digital marketing program, with targeted communications, successful.  By targeting your communications to the right client segment—by species, procedure, age, disease, etc.—at the right time, automatically, each message becomes valuable to the intended recipient.  Which in turn helps to drive client motivation, action and compliance.

When veterinary practices understand when and why non-compliance happens—for instance reminders that never reach the client or reach the wrong client—and target their efforts toward those challenges, they build a strong foundation for better compliance across the board.

Proactive veterinary practices recognize the value of accurate targeted messaging and the role it plays in empowering their clients for a lifetime of successful pet parenting. Successful, targeted communications make for an improved customer experience and will drive better health outcomes for your patients and better financial outcomes for your practice.

Working together to help your practice succeed

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