AAHA opens Connexity conference to all with free, gamified virtual sessions in May

Let the games begin!

AAHA is taking a radically different approach to its annual Connexity conference for 2021: Connexity is now open to the entire profession—not just AAHA members—and everyone’s invited to test drive AAHA’s exciting new experimental CE formats.

The reimagined Connexity will kick off with a free, online mini-conference on May 26 that puts a gamified, crowdsourced, and debate-heavy spin on the typical expert talking heads and “death by PowerPoint” virtual CE.

Everyone is invited. Period.

The decision to open the first 2021 Connexity session for free to everyone was made in the spirit of inclusivity. It signals a reversal for AAHA, which moved a few years ago toward a members-only conference. Now, under new leadership and with a fresh vision for the future, AAHA is opening registration to all veterinary professionals, regardless of whether they’re AAHA members. And the content will be equally inclusive, with topics for the entire practice to increase teamwork and engagement.

Admission is offered for free, with an optional choose-your-own-price donation. All proceeds will go to BlackDVM Network.

“We believe veterinary teams and veterinary medicine benefit tremendously from collaboration and inclusivity. A members-only conference doesn’t mesh with either that belief or AAHA’s new direction of making continuous improvement simpler for all veterinary practices,” said AAHA CEO Garth Jordan, MBA, CSM, CSPO. “What’s more, we need to experiment with conference formats that include and engage all types of learners. We all know that diverse participation across roles, backgrounds, styles, and perspectives creates a rising tide that lifts all boats. There’s no doubt in my mind that we had to change our AAHA annual conference approach.”

Serious science. Serious play.

The May mini-conference has three consecutive sessions, each with a distinct theme.

The first session is “Are You Smarter Than a Specialist?” during which two general-practice veterinary professionals will go head-to-head with specialists in areas such as emergency care, epidemiology, dentistry, and dermatology. Everyone who attends will get refreshers on pathologies and treatment plans for discrete ailments commonly seen by specialists.

The second session will be an experiment in crowdsourced problem-solving as the moderators lead a virtual brainstorm (with live chat) to tackle one of the profession’s persistent challenges: how to staff practices for longevity.

And the third session promises to be a hard-fought debate on the pros and cons of a veterinary technicians’ union. Participants may not leave with all the answers, but it will be a thought-provoking conversation.

In addition to the virtual May mini-conference, Connexity will meet for an in-person conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, September 22–25, followed by a second virtual session on November 10. Both sessions have select speaker slots still open for fresh voices in the profession, and a call for papers will be released later this month for those interested in sharing their knowledge.

All sessions are open to everyone, so get in the game and register now!