Are you smarter than a specialist? Find out this May at Connexity

What happens when you ask a dentist about booster shots for Pomeranians?

Find out when the first of three Connexity events scheduled for 2021 launches on May 26 with a three-hour, three-part virtual event.

All practice role types and both members and nonmembers are welcome. Plus, it’s free!

Things kick off at 10:00 am EST with Are You Smarter Than a Specialist? Inspired by the hit TV show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, AAHA’s version pits people who work in general practice against veterinary specialists in a fast-paced game show format to see who knows more.

AAHA’s veterinary content strategist, Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, CVJ, told NEWStat that the session features specialists in the areas of dentistry, emergency and critical care, and oncology tackling questions about general practice—while three people who work in general practice give them hints.

Vogelsang said the result is very entertaining, but that’s beside the point: “The point is to see these very confident people out of their element and struggling to answer some very basic general practice questions.” She said it will help remind people that specialists are super competent in their niche, but that doesn’t mean you have to be intimidated by them. “Seeing them struggle with general practice questions reminds the rest of us that we have areas in which we’re super competent, too.”

The event has been recorded, but the panelists will be in attendance, so participants can engage with them in real time—and play the game by posting their answers in the live chat.

“We had a group of funny people for this session,” Vogelsang added, “So you’ll learn something, you’ll laugh, and you’ll get to indulge your competitive side. All while having fun and connecting with others in the profession.”

But why the game show format? Vogelsang said that after a year of working remotely, people are Zoomed out: “We didn’t want to put this content out there unless it was different and engaging.”

That emphasis on different and engaging continues in the noon panel: The Great Debate. “That one’s set up like a news talk show, like z,” Vogelsang said. “We have technicians and practice managers discussing some meaty topics like unionization and toxic work environments, so that got interesting. We want attendees to continue the conversation.”

Vogelsang said the third panel—Now, Near, Far: Staffing Your Practice With Longevity In Mind—features experts sharing insights into successful hiring procedures and tips for making your practice a desirable place to work. This is more of a traditional panel than the other two, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun: “It’s got a ’90s theme,” she said, “so wear your best ’90s finery.”

Don’t miss out on the conversation, or the fun—dig out your Hammer pants and join us for Connexity!

Registration for May Connexity is open now and will remain open until the day of the event. Please note that nonmembers will need to create a free AAHA account (if you don’t already have one) to complete registration. May’s virtual Connexity sessions will be available as an on-demand option. Attendees must register to access sessions on demand after the meeting. Quizzes will be added, which registrants must complete to receive CE credit for on-demand sessions.

There’s no registration fee for May, but AAHA encourages you to choose your own optional donation to BlackDVM Network.

AAHA’s May 2021 Connexity virtual conference is sponsored by Merck Animal Health and CareCredit.

Photo credit: © Andrew Rich/E+ via Getty Images