In Case You Missed It: Highlights from Central Line: The AAHA Podcast

Since we launched Central Line, AAHA’s official podcast, in April 2022, we’ve had the honor of spending time with an amazing lineup of guests—and they’ve each left us with relatable stories and actionable advice for the entire veterinary team.

If you haven’t checked out Central Line yet, head over to to find full-length audio, video, and transcripts of every episode. In the meantime, here are some highlights from conversations made possible with generous support from CareCredit:

In “Empowering Veterinary Technicians to Advocate for Their Patients – and Themselves,” Veterinary Anesthesia Nerd and technician advocate Tasha McNerney, BS, CVT, CVPP, VTS (Anesthesia and Analgesia) discusses:

  • What really motivates technicians (a living wage is critical – but it’s not the end of the story!)
  • How technicians can and should have their own career goals and aspirations – and how that can help a practice go from good to great
  • Why a team approach can make all the difference when it comes to anesthesia, pain management, and those really hard days

Eric Garcia, digital marketing expert, talks promotion in a time of plenty in “Front Desks, Facebook, and Five-Week Waits: Marketing When We’re Really Busy.” This packed episode includes:

  • Why an overbooked schedule doesn’t mean marketing is less important
  • How an up-to-date website and marketing plan can save practices from the seemingly inevitable slowdown
  • Why client retention requires a marketing strategy in its own right

Debbie Boone, CVPM, offers practical advice for client-facing team members in “This One’s for the CSRs (and Anyone Else Who Talks to People).” Hint: better client interactions start with:

  • Understanding the reasons behind client behavior
  • Active listening - making people feel seen and heard
  • Paying attention to body language, subtle cues, and the emotions behind the words

In “Mindfulness for People Who Hate that Word,” Patty Casebolt, a chief operating officer in human healthcare and certified mindfulness/meditation coach, takes us through the evidence showing the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and offers up some micro-moments of mindfulness any busy practitioner can find ways to incorporate throughout the day. Some “mindful moment” suggestions from Patty:

  • When you first wake up
  • While eating breakfast
  • Taking a different way to work
  • Belly breathing at stop lights
  • Make “doors” a place for transition and momentary reflection
  • Walking meditation on a break or while moving from your car to the practice door
  • Deep breathing for a minute alone – in the bathroom if you have to!

We all know “Talking to Clients About Science” can be tough – but Deborah Thomson, DVM, Science Policy Advisor and One Health advocate, is a pro at making science accessible. She suggests:

  • Starting with active listening
  • Understanding the difference between misinformation and disinformation
  • Giving clients reliable sources of information to read – starting when they’re waiting in the exam room
  • Remembering that clients are not disagreeing or expressing their concerns to agitate us

The Central Line team would like to extend a special thanks to CareCredit for their generous support during our first year of podcasting! We couldn’t have launched this show without their help. Remember to subscribe/follow the show on your favorite podcast platform, or bookmark so you don’t miss an episode.