Top 10 NEWStat of 2022: #5–1

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The top five NEWStat stories in the past year included stories on how clients perceive scrubs versus lab coats, staffing shortages, and some not-so-mysterious cases of parvo.  




#5: Who looks more trustworthy, vets in scrubs or vets in white coats? Dress makes a difference to clients 

The way veterinarians dress definitely affects how clients perceive them—but the jury's out on which they find more trustworthy, scrubs or a white coat. 



#4: The looming vet tech shortage: Yes, it could get worse 

There were 118,000 veterinary technicians in the US at the end of 2019. And if your hospital’s short-staffed, you know that’s not nearly enough. Just wait 8 years. 


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#3: And you thought we don’t have enough vets now . . . 

The US faces a critical shortage of veterinarians in 2030. How big a shortage? About 15,000, according to a new report. 


2022-1-14 GettyImages-887949956 FDA approves Solensia - blog.jpg


#2: FDA approves pain-management game-changer for cats 

The FDA on Thursday approved Zoetis’ Solensia for the control of pain associated with osteoarthritis in cats. This is big. 




#1: Mysterious’ Parvovirus-like illness turns out to be . . . well, parvovirus 

When more than 30 dogs in Northern Michigan died from an undiagnosed illness recently, the first news reports called it “mysterious” and “parvo-like.” 

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