Veterinary Visionaries wants your story

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Veterinary Visionaries (VV) is taking on another tough challenge, another that’s plaguing the entire profession. This time it's employee attrition and retention — an issue too big to ignore. 

Where is everyone going? 

Employee retention is about more than people leaving their jobs. They’re leaving the profession. Even in a field packed with empathetic souls and enormous hearts, our people aren’t engaged enough to stay. Is their passion gone? Or is it that love alone can’t keep them going forever?  

Everyone working in veterinary medicine is asked to explore and answer this question between February 14–March 7 on 

A love letter to the profession: February 14 to March 7 

When the event officially opens on Valentine’s Day, you’ll be able to go to the Gather Voices platform and record up to a 5-minute video about: 

  • What made you fall in love with veterinary medicine?  
  • What could be done to make you love it even more?  
  • Or if being in love doesn’t describe your situation, what made you fall out of love?  
  • What could be done to rekindle your passion and make you stay?   

There’s no need to be super specific, like listing names, just specific enough to evoke change. Change that will keep you loving what you do — or make you love it again.  

The platform will prompt you as you prepare to record. You can re-record as many times as you wish until you feel that your plea is passionate enough to attract attention.  

Check out the FAQ page for more specifics. We can’t wait to hear your story! 




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