A message from the founder of DOGTV

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Hello vet teams, 

As I’m sure you know from experiences with clients and your own dogs, creating a safe and secure home environment is extremely important—and it’s sometimes overlooked. When dogs are left at home alone for several hours, they can get stressed, anxious, and bored, which can lead to destructive behavior, separation anxiety, and other undesirable behavior issues. 

For many years, leading organizations in the US, such as the Humane Society, the ASPCA, and others have recommended leaving some form of media entertainment on for your dog when you leave home.

There are several reasons for these recommendations:

  • There are many noises outside or inside the house which tend to stress dogs when they are left alone. Dogs can get really scared by “noise pollution,” which might be anything from an ambulance driving by to construction noises to a washing machine.
  • Leaving the radio or TV on for dogs can give them a feeling of presence, so they feel less alone and more safe and secure.
  • Most important: It provides dogs with stimulation they can't otherwise get. Petcare and Information Advisory Services (PIAS) says: “A television can potentially provide all important mental stimulation for dogs and help prevent boredom behavior.”

The Purpose of DOGTV

And that’s exactly why we created DOGTV. DOGTV is a 24/7 channel scientifically designed for canines, to help them cope with stress and anxiety while making them feel happier when home alone.

DOGTV’s content was designed specifically for dogs, from the colors on the screen, to the sounds and even the resolution and angles of the camera.  We’re not expecting dogs to sit all day in front of the TV, become couch potatoes, and eat pup-corn.  But dogs can still passively gain positive effects from the programming, even if they don’t watch actively. It is audio-visual therapy for dogs, and from research, we see that it works, particularly with dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and other stress-related problems.

When we started DOGTV 10 years ago, people laughed at this crazy idea: “A TV channel for dogs? You must be kidding me!” I think that now, more and more people understand the importance of providing the right enrichment tools to mentally and physically stimulate their dogs when they are away, while helping them cope with various stresses and anxieties. People don’t laugh anymore. They get it.

Ron Levi
Founder/Chief Content Officer, DOGTV

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