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If companion-animal orthopedics are your jam, AO VET wants to hear from you.

AO VET is a medically-guided, not-for-profit organization, comprised of a global network of surgeons and devoted to the education and research of the surgical treatment of trauma and musculoskeletal disorders in companion animals.

And they’ve got a few questions for you.

AO VET invites all veterinary surgeons with a special interest in companion-animal orthopedics to participate in a short online survey to share your experience and thoughts on the use of owner-based questionnaires in the clinical routine of canine orthopedics.

“One of the biggest challenges for veterinarians in the field of companion-animal orthopedics is to have the necessary information to be able to select the best possible treatment for a particular patient,” Heidi Radke, DipECVS, told NEWStat. Radke, a senior lecturer in Small Animal Surgery in the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge, UK, is running the survey. “Currently, for many common and potentially serious orthopedic conditions (canine elbow disease, for example), numerous surgical and non-surgical treatment options are available, but, at this point, there isn’t sufficient data available . . . to know if certain treatments are superior to others.”

Hence, the survey.

Radke said the survey results will provide critically important information, which will help in the development, design and implementation of a planned AO Vet Outcome Registry to ensure that the new developments will be designed to meet the needs of the daily clinical routine. “This will be a big leap to enable the veterinary orthopedic community to collect multicenter clinical data required to assess and compare treatment methods and overall outcomes much more efficiently,” said Radke.

“The data collected through the new registry will also enable us to evaluate our current options to assess clinical outcomes better, which will help to identify areas in the need of further developments,” Radke added.

Results of this survey will help AO VET develop  easy-to-use and secure-data repositories in veterinary orthopedics. The information you provide will be critically important to ensure that the new developments will be designed to meet the needs of the daily clinical routine of veterinarians worldwide.

The survey takes about 10 - 15 minutes. Deadline for responses is Monday, March 9, 2020.  Take the survey here or through the AO VET website.

This survey is a collaboration of AO VET, AO Institute for Clinical Investigation and Documentation), and the University of Cambridge. Please contact Heidi Radke with any questions.

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