Angie Arora, MSW, RSW

Angie Arora, MSW, RSW

Angie Arora, MSW, RSW, is a social worker supporting the human needs that arise from human-animal relationships, specializing in veterinary wellbeing, end-of-life/pet loss support, and equity issues within veterinary and shelter medicine.

As a certified compassion fatigue specialist and wellbeing coach, Angie provides trauma-informed support to help animal-care providers foster self and community connection so they can reconnect to themselves and their work in new and improved ways. In addition to private practice focused on veterinary wellbeing coaching and training, she teaches at Seneca College and is actively involved in relevant veterinary medicine initiatives with organizations including Blendvet, Canadian Collective for Equity in Veterinary Medicine, NVA Canada, the Toronto Zoo, and veterinary hospitals.