AAHA Pain Management Guidelines Toolkit

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Ever wish you could download the recommendations from AAHA Guidelines directly into your practice culture?

Inside our implementation toolkit, you’ll find a wealth of resources to help you do something even better – give your team the tools they need to adapt the guidelines to your unique practice. Check out our summary of useful pain assessment methods, special tips just for technicians and CSRs, including ways every member of your team can make a difference in managing pain, and pet owner pages you can download separately or as part of this e-book. You’ll also get easy links to pain-related resources, a podcast episode, and a quiz for your team to take together.

Download the AAHA Pain Management Guidelines Toolkit to help your team do what only they can do: bring the guidelines to life in your practice.

Download the toolkit

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The AAHA Pain Management Guidelines Toolkit is made possible with support from Zoetis.


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