Senani Ratnayake BSc RVT

Senani Ratnayake BSc RVT

Senani Ratnayake has been educating veterinary professionals since 2004 and has received multiple awards for her contributions to veterinary medicine, including the 2021 RVTTC RVT of the Year and the Founders Award from Dr. Andy Roark’s Uncharted Veterinary Community. She is noted as a thought-provoking story-teller, providing practical tools and applicable solutions for the everyday realities of the veterinary profession.

Senani began her career as an RVT in small animal practice, discovering her niche after recognizing that many of her colleagues chose veterinary medicine because they felt more connected to animals, than people. She used her experiences and knowledge as an RVT combined with her natural way with words, to become a catalyst for change within the industry by founding Motivatum Consulting.

Working in practice, Industry and with a corporate group, she has gained a unique perspective and utilizes these insights to relate to, and engage, her audience. She is currently the Director of Learning and Engagement at Vet Alliance/Globalvet, building out a best-in-class platform of support for Canadian hospitals and their teams. Senani is best known for her sessions on management, leadership, team building, communication, customer service and compliance. She is also a popular coach and mentor for RVTs and DVMs who appreciate her authentic and honest approach to their personal success.

Senani is a Past President of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians and was the first non-DVM President of the Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine.

In Senani’s world, feeling valued builds connection, connection motivates learning, learning leads to change, and change creates measurable results.