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Client education

The goal of client education is to give the pet owner a realistic idea of the commitment involved in managing their pet’s DM, along with positive encouragement that successful disease management is possible but can take time to achieve.


Management of DM requires the commitment and coordinated efforts of the veterinary healthcare team and the pet-owner client. For this reason, proactive client education is an essential component of a DM treatment plan.


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a treatable condition that requires a committed effort by veterinarian and client. Due to many factors that affect the diabetic state, a pet’s changing condition, and variable response to therapy, management of DM is often complicated. 

Diabetic pet discharge template

Save time and increase compliance! Complete the following form to create customized, printable discharge instructions for your diabetic canine or feline patient.

Blood glucose curves

Blood glucose curves serve two very useful purposes that other monitoring parameters do not.

Diagnosis and assessment

These guidelines describe different approaches to DM diagnosis and assessment depending on the level of hyperglycemia and the presence of clinical signs.

Monitoring principles

The overarching goal of monitoring diabetic cats and dogs is to control clinical signs of DM while avoiding hypoglycemia.

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