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2014 AAHA Weight Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats

Communicating and implementing a weight management program for dogs and cats can be a challenging endeavor for veterinarians, but a rewarding one. An effective individualized weight loss program provides a consistent and healthy rate of weight loss to reduce risk of disease, prevent malnutrition, and improve quality of life. Weight loss is achieved with appropriate caloric restriction, diet selection, exercise, and strategies to help modify behavior of both the pet and client. This document offers guidelines and tools for the management of weight loss and long-term maintenance of healthy weight.

Legal considerations

How should communications between the veterinarian and the client differ when discussing vaccines/vaccination versus other treatments/medications?


Updates to the 2017 AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines .

AAHA Senior Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats

This paper provides a working framework for enhancing the well-being of senior pet dogs and cats. Approaches to screening the medical status of senior pets are described in detail, with particular emphasis on establishing baseline data in healthy animals, the testing of clinically ill animals, and assessing senior pets prior to anesthesia and surgery. The management of pain and distress and the application of hospice and palliative care are addressed. Advice on ways to approach euthanasia and dealing with end-of-life issues is also provided.

Resource Center

Veterinary team resources from the 2021 AAHA/AAFP Feline Life Stage Guidelines .

Vaccine types

Technologies employed in the manufacturing of vaccines for animals have expanded significantly over the past decade. Today in veterinary medicine the number of licensed vaccines continues to grow, driven largely by the need to protect dogs and cats against emerging pathogens, enhance vaccine safety, and improve immunogenicity of existing vaccines. 

Therapeutic biologics

In veterinary and human medicine, novel products are currently being developed to harness nonspecific and select immune responses intended to support treatment of serious, systemic disorders.

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