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Notebook: November 2019

This month in Notebook: Mice’s and bats’ brains sync up; the AVMA conducts veterinarian census; tax exemption and overtime changes in 2020; fda grain-based diet investigation update; dogs receives heart ablation; and online ad spending.

In the Community: Theory into Practice

Veterinary students don’t always have the opportunity for clinical practice while they’re learning it. Thanks to a unique mentorship program, that’s not the case at AAHA-accredited Iowa Veterinary Specialists (IVS), an emergency and specialty clinic owned by Iowa State University (ISU) in Des Moines, Iowa.

Inside AAHA: February 2020

Margot K. Vahrenwald, DVM, CVJ, discusses the importance of dentistry, stem cells, and biosecurity, three of the key topics covered in this issue. Also in this section, a reader asks for tips on implementing client surveys; a reminder on what you can do in your AAHA member portal; how to calm client fears on dental procedures; and tips on celebrating dental health month at your practice.

Pain Case of the Month: A Routine Procedure Turns Out to Be Painful to Manage

In overall healthy dogs and cats, acute pain management, especially for a routine elective procedure such as an ovariohysterectomy (OHE), should closely follow the rules of the acronym MPM: (1) mechanism base (that is, pain pathways) of pain management, (2) preemptive analgesia, and (3) multimodal analgesia approach. At the onset, this case had the presentation of a routine OHE in a healthy dog, but the dog had a unique reaction that required an adjustment in pain management.

Testing the Waters: Take the Temperature of Your Practice with a Team Survey

When managing a veterinary business, what you don’t know can hurt you. This applies to treating a patient, providing great client services, and having a high-performing team. The problem is that we are sometimes afraid to find out what we don’t know because it means we may have to change things, and change can be difficult. Stop being afraid and take steps to create a team survey that provides feedback you can act on.

The Promise of Stem Cell Therapy: What We Know and Don’t Know About These Exciting Cells

Stem cell therapy is a robust option in veterinary medicine for treating painful conditions like osteoarthritis, and public interest continues to grow. But some products enter the market without scientific backing. This article examines what we know about stem cell therapy for pets and where it might be going by featuring interviews with some of the top experts in the field, including researchers at UC Davis, Cornell University, North Carolina State University, and the University of Georgia.

Notebook: February 2020

News briefs from across the industry this month include these headlines: study reveals how the canine gut microbiome interacts with GI diseases; strep throat? don’t blame your dog; study suggests risk factors for surgical site infections in dogs; top five business trends for 2020; a newly discovered virus linked to liver cancer in cats; technology news small businesses can use; yes! Cats do bond with people; and success story at UGA: Bacon.

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