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References for the 2021 AAHA Nutrition and Weight Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats.

When should my dog be spayed or neutered

The timing of neutering or spaying a dog used to be straight forward. Emerging data is suggesting that there are benefits to taking a more individualized approach to the age at which is this surgery is performed.

Facility requirements

Excellent dental care for canine and feline patients requires an efficient, organized, and safe work environment.


Definitions that pertain to veterinary dental care guidelines.

Individual plan

Patient preparation, anesthetic plan, preanesthetic medication, pain management and anesthetic management of patients with comorbidities.

Incorporating behavioral assessments into every examination

All veterinary visits should include a behavioral assessment. Such assessments encourage the client to talk to the veterinarian regarding any concerns or questions they may have about their pet’s behavior and allow the staff to better meet the behavioral needs of their patients during and after the evaluation.

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Practice management

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