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Startup Marketing Secrets: Marketing Strategy Explained

You don’t have to go to business school to understand the critical components of a marketing strategy. In fact, if you can identify some key strategies for your practice, putting those strategies into practice in the form of a website or blog post will be a lot easier.

Dr. Robot: Like It or Not, AI Is Making Inroads into Veterinary Medicine

While concerns have been expressed about how artificial intelligence will affect the future of mankind, this technology is increasingly finding its way into our daily lives—and veterinary medicine is no exception. This article looks at several technologies that are harnessing the power of math and machines to change how work is performed.

JAAHA 56.2 Abstracts

Abstracts from issue 56.2 of JAAHA, Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association .

Notebook: March 2020

News briefs from around the industry. Headlines this month include: Annual benefit survey results from SHRM; artificial intelligence helps diagnosis; new research finds better way of calculating dogs’ real ages; colleges partner to improve veterinary education; noninvasive cancer imaging technique to help in early detection; exercise reduces artery stiffness; toxic workplace culture costs billions; SBA modifies method to calculate revenues; report studies workplace disability inclusion.

The Promise of Stem Cell Therapy: What We Know and Don’t Know About These Exciting Cells

Stem cell therapy is a robust option in veterinary medicine for treating painful conditions like osteoarthritis, and public interest continues to grow. But some products enter the market without scientific backing. This article examines what we know about stem cell therapy for pets and where it might be going by featuring interviews with some of the top experts in the field, including researchers at UC Davis, Cornell University, North Carolina State University, and the University of Georgia.

High Time for Cannabis Research

This Trends feature article provides an in-depth look at cannabis research in companion animal medicine, particularly cannabidiol (CBD) for dogs. The article discusses research being conducted to develop a strain of CBD for animal patients similar to that used to treat various human health conditions. 

Notebook: April 2020

News briefs and advice from around the industry. Headlines this month include: 5 Things All Vets Need to Know About Blue-Green Algae, Banned Racehorse Therapy Exposed, 100-Year-Old Terms, Spring Cleaning, Banned Racehorse Therapy Exposed; and How To Stop Interrupting.

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