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December 12, 2012

Dog regains use of leg after unique muscle transplant surgery

Dr. Michael Pavletic helped a dog walk again after transplanting a portion of the latissimus dorsi muscle into the dog's triceps area. With rigorous physical therapy following the surgery, the dog has nearly regained full function in the leg.

Step 3: Patient Preparation

The patient should be stabilized before anesthesia as anesthesia and surgery can exacerbate pre-existing physiologic compromise.

Is a kidney transplant right for my pet?

Kidney failure is a leading cause of death in pet cats, with at least 30% of cats developing this devastating health condition as they age. Many treatment options exist, but they only manage clinical signs and slow disease progression, and are not a cure.

Therapeutic modalities: surgery

As a general rule, if a primary tumor can be completely excised with acceptable morbidity, surgery is the best choice of treatment.

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