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Parasite control is important in cats of all ages. Prevention includes both animal and environmental control.


Vaccination priorities to consider when designing a comprehensive, life stage-targeted wellness plan for a cat.

Dental care

Diseases of the oral cavity are extremely common, yet most owners are unaware that dental disease can threaten the health and welfare of their cat. 

Minimum database by life stage

Although specific data documenting benefits are not available, the panel concluded that regular wellness examinations and collection of the minimum database can be valuable.

Overcoming barriers to veterinary visits

The panel recommends that the veterinary team endeavours to make the veterinary encounter comfortable for both cat and client. Integral to this is a better understanding of feline behavior.


References for the 2010 AAFP/AAHA Feline Life Stage Guidelines

Evidence-based wellness

Although the panel's objective to provide evidence-based guidelines for health care related to life stage was not fully realized, the profession could develop more accurate recommendations through further research and through cooperation and data sharing.

JAAHA 57.2 Abstracts

Abstracts from issue 57.2 of JAAHA, Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association .

Inside AAHA: March 2021

AAHA Vice President Margot K. Vahrenwald, DVM, CVJ, discusses the importance of nutrition conversations. Also: Temple Grandin joins VMI, 2021 AAHA/AAFP Feline Life Stage Guidelines , and Dear AAHA addresses a question about staff privacy.

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Practice management

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