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June 13, 2018

"Um . . . you got anything besides meat?"

Raw food diets are rooted in the notion that dogs and cats are carnivores who crave protein and evolved to eat meat. But is meat what they really...

Raw protein diet

The American Animal Hospital Association's position regarding raw protein diets.

August 07, 2012

AVMA passes raw protein policy

A proposal advising pet owners against feeding animals raw protein diets was passed by an overwhelming majority at the August American Veterinary...

January 15, 2018

New study: don't feed pets raw meat

It’s like the paleo diet, only for pets. Grain-free, all-meat, and raw-food diets are hugely popular with pet owners who like the idea of feeding...

Nutrition and weight management

Energy and nutrient needs vary with life stage, sterilization status and activity, and so general feeding recommendations provide only a starting...

June 16, 2015

FDA studies implications of raw pet food

Organic fare, specialty diets, and eating raw are some of the top pet food trends, according to The Bark. And while it’s difficult to argue with...

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