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Unconscious oral evaluation

Only after the patient has been anesthetized can a complete and thorough oral evaluation be successfully performed. 33

Explaining the role of anesthesia

The client should be told that their pet needs a comprehensive, anesthetized oral exam and dental radiographs in order to perform a preventive cleaning or dental-periodontal therapy.

Dental disease prevention strategies

It is important to communicate with pet owners the importance of dental disease prevention strategies, beginning at the first visit and then throughout the patient’s life stages.

Dental Guidelines Overview

The concept that a pet is suffering from oral pain, infection, and inflammation that may not be apparent but is affecting their quality of life is a reality that may not always be fully appreciated by the veterinary profession and often not understood by the pet owning public.

Explaining the role of nutrition in dental health

The phrase “food be thy medicine” can apply to preventive dental healthcare. Commercial diets specifically designed to retard the accumulation of plaque and calculus are especially helpful if the owner is unable or unwilling to brush a pet’s teeth. 


Not only is oral health a fundamental aspect of overall pet health and wellbeing, but veterinary dentistry is now considered a standard component of companion animal medicine. 

Patient assessment, evaluation, and documentation

A thorough history of patient health should always include an evaluation and update on systemic maladies as well as an evaluation and review of oral hygiene efforts performed by the pet owner. 

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