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Dental Guidelines Overview

The concept that a pet is suffering from oral pain, infection, and inflammation that may not be apparent but is affecting their quality of life is a reality that may not always be fully appreciated by the veterinary profession and often not understood by the pet owning public.

Periodontal disease staging

Periodontal disease (PD) staging is most accurate when performed in an unconscious patient after intraoral radiographs and periodontal probing.

Facility requirements

Excellent dental care for canine and feline patients requires an efficient, organized, and safe work environment.


Not only is oral health a fundamental aspect of overall pet health and wellbeing, but veterinary dentistry is now considered a standard component of companion animal medicine. 

Conscious oral evaluation

The conscious oral evaluation is an important first step to anticipating procedural extent and preparing and educating clients regarding anticipated findings while under general anesthesia.

Terminology and messaging

The most important step in achieving compliance with oral health recommendations is getting the client to understand the value and believe in the importance of regular dental care. 


Definitions that pertain to veterinary dental care guidelines.

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