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Pain Case of the Month: Ranger—The Evolution of Chronic Pain in a Male Cat

Chronic pain in cats is often overlooked because it’s difficult to know where to look for signs of pain, and even if it is diagnosed, many veterinarians are not sure how to treat it. In this case study, a cat suffering from chronic pain is treated over a period of several years with a combination of acupuncture and pharmaceuticals.

JAAHA 57.2 Abstracts

Abstracts from issue 57.2 of JAAHA, Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association .

BONUS: Videos

Injections involving the eyes can be tricky. The videos below demonstrate safe techniques for: 1) Performing a retrobulbar nerve block injection using a modified needle 2) Injecting the Nocita block after they eye has been surgically removed  Both videos are courtesy of Mike Petty, DVM. 

Chiropractic Care for Companion Animals

Veterinarians and staff have many tools at their disposal these days for treating pain. One perhaps leser-known modality is chiropractic care for your animal patients. Read on to learn more about this technique and its value to patients and your practice. 

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