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September 23, 2023

Reducing the stigma of substance use disorder (SUD) in vet med

Do you know a co-worker or client who seems to be struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD)? Or maybe you’re the one struggling? Phil Richmond, DVM, CAPP, CPHSA, CCFP, has been there, and now he is on a mission to flip the paradigm about SUDs from stigma to compassion.

December 07, 2023

Canine respiratory mystery: What we know about the outbreak

What’s going on with the canine respiratory illness in the news? Is it viral or bacterial—or possibly overblown media coverage? NEWStat talks to veterinarians facing the outbreak and looks into the research being done to solve the mystery.

December 30, 2023

Top 10 NEWStat stories of 2023

Topics that most interested NEWStat readers in the past year included stories on innovative treatments, new drug approvals, Black vet med professionals making a difference, and better understanding neurodiversity.

March 11, 2024

Interactive graphics: Retention and attrition in vet med

Do you know what keeps your happy employees happy and what’s driving the unhappy ones away? AAHA’s white paper “Stay, Please,” includes interactive graphics that break down the reasons people stay in vet med (retention) and why they leave (attrition).

March 25, 2024

Vet med career personas from the AAHA retention study

AAHA’s white paper “Stay, Please” has interactive ways to explore the nuances of who’s planning to leave veterinary practices and why. Associate DVMs and credentialed techs have the same top 6 retention and attrition factors. Can you guess what they are? 

September 23, 2023

New study explores vaccine hesitancy in dog owners

Matt Motta, PhD, and Gabriella Motta, VMD, are a brother-sister research team who (along with fellow researcher Dominik Stecula, PhD), are examining vaccine hesitancy among dog owners, drawing connections between pet owners’ decisions, fears about human vaccines, and the lasting effects of Covid-19.

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