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September 24, 2019

PIJAC issues statement on use of pet vaccinations

ccording to its statement last fall, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) supports the judicious use of vaccines in pets in order to protect both animals and humans from disease and death.  The positive position from PIJAC can help retail animal health pros deal with pet owner concerns about over-vaccinating or side effects. 

February 13, 2018

Not all shedding is normal

Animal health pros frequently get questions about excessive pet hair shedding. It is generally normal or seasonal, but there are times to be concerned. Darin Dell, DVM, shares perspectives on causes of shedding.

August 06, 2019

DEA scam artists target veterinarians by phone

You’ve probably received one of those scam IRS phishing calls, the ones where someone pretending to be with the IRS tells you you’re in trouble because you owe back taxes and then demands payment over the phone.

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