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AAHA’s Kaitlyn Choi talks about her penchant for adopting senior pets

August 15, 2019

TRENDS IN YOUR INBOX: Start Your Diabetic Cat Patients Off on the Right Paw

When I tell people I’m a veterinarian (which we all try not to do, right?), people usually respond with that happy “awwww” noise. But when they find out I’m a feline specialist, I’m usually greeted with a polite silence or maybe even a confused “why?” Even veterinary colleagues seem to be frequently baffled why anyone would want to work with just cats. And I get it. Cats can be difficult, sharp, and ungrateful. Throw a complex disease like diabetes into the mix, and it can drive anyone a little nuts. This article provides pointers on how to set your clients, your staff, and your patient up for diabetic management success.

Inside AAHA: December 2019

Adam Hechko, DVM, discusses the importance of using baseline diagnostics as a tool for better patient care. "Dear AAHA" addresses the question of releasing client information to law enforcement, AAHA’s pharmacy standards are highlighted, and ways to show your team some love this holiday season.

Notebook: December 2019

Collaboration on a critical patient leads to a good outcome, potential new osteosarcoma therapy for dogs and kids, pets help with depression after the loss of a spouse, CDC Salmonella update, texting with clients, strategies for retaining younger employees, communication with employees who mess up, and help for stressed-out vets.

Game On! Tired of Presentations? Design Your Own Board Game Instead

Board games have multiple learning advantages and offer some unintentional benefits, such as reduced stress and increased motivation to learn (because you want to win the game!). If you’ve ever gotten frustrated over the failure of your staff to learn a new accounting process or practice protocol quickly, perhaps it’s time to turn off the slide deck and create your own board game.

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