Sponsorship and Advertising FAQ

Why does AAHA need sponsors and advertisers?

AAHA could not do its work without support from sponsors and advertisers. As a not-for-profit association, we rely on collaboration with others in the industry to help fund programs and offer valuable resources that we could not produce alone. Our sponsors often contribute expertise, scientific insights, and awareness of emerging products that help us remain relevant and informed. We do not enter into these relationships lightly, and we aim to work with organizations that support our mission. The financial resources they provide keep membership dues and other fee-increases to a minimum.

What types of sponsorships does AAHA offer?

Our Preferred Business Providers offer discounts, preferred pricing, and special deals for all AAHA members that save time, money, and effort. Our strong relationships with Strategic Alliance Program sponsors help support AAHA’s vision to lead the profession toward the highest-quality care for companion animals.

What types of resources do sponsors fund at AAHA?

Many educational resources are funded by sponsors, including AAHA’s guidelines and related resources, which we would not be able to produce without educational grants. Sponsors also fund our informative pet health booklets, which have valuable information on a variety of pet health and practice topics, our AAHA Practice Culture Initiative, timely webinars and CE experiences on AAHA Learning, as well as the Beyond Medicine Workshop, and activities at the Connexity conference.

Does AAHA endorse products from sponsors or advertisers?

No, we provide the space for our sponsors to communicate to our members about important industry developments, goods, and services. Our role is as a connector and conduit for information between those on the practice side of our profession and the corporate partners that support them. We do recommend products and services from our Preferred Business Providers.

Does AAHA sell my email address to sponsors and advertisers?

No, AAHA does not sell any personal information such as email addresses to any company, sponsor, or advertiser.

What value do advertisers and sponsors provide?

AAHA develops relationships with corporate members in order to pass along educational resources, information, and services that help practices run smoothly while providing top client and pet care.

We highly encourage our members to review and take advantage of the communications from our sponsors. AAHA produces content with business partners as a service to our members, and we ask that members interact with our vendors, who have valuable knowledge from which all of us can learn. Sponsors and advertisers want to help grow practices and the profession. Please take the time to read communications and meet with our partners in person or virtually when possible. You might just find out about a valuable product or service that changes the way you practice and contributes to better quality petcare.

How do I opt out of sponsor communication?

If you receive an email you do not want, scroll to the bottom of the email and click on “Unsubscribe from AAHA advertising emails.” Hit the “Unsubscribe” button on the screen with your email address.