Employee of the Month, January 2024

This month’s prize winner is Customer Care Representative Supervisor Jillian Shenkel, of Rose City Veterinary Hospital, in Portland, Oregon!

Jillian Shenkel

Customer Care Representative Supervisor

Rose City Veterinary Hospital—Portland, Oregon

Started in veterinary medicine: 2019

Years with practice: 4

Nominated by: Drea Hutchinson

Why Is Jillian So Awesome?

Jillian is our Customer Care Representative Supervisor, and she’s worked here at Rose City Veterinary Hospital for over 4 years. She helped us all get through the challenges of the pandemic, while maintaining top-quality customer service.

She really is a ray of sunshine for our team, clients, and patients every day. She has a wonderful warmth about her that helps clients and patients feel welcome, loved, and at ease. Jillian really relates to our clients on a personal level, and can commiserate with the highs and lows of loving a furry family member through thick and thin. Her best girl Charlie is a 15-1/2-year-old female pittie mix who is living her best life everyday.

How Does Jillian Go Above and Beyond?

Jillian shows her genuine love to each and every patient. Her compassionate and empathetic nature make her excel in her role!

In Her Own Words

Why do you love your job?

This job nourishes my soul. I cannot do anything I don’t wholeheartedly believe in. It’s important to me to be able to advocate for pets and their people the way I would want someone to advocate for me if I were in their shoes.

Pets at home:

Charlie, my sweet old lady pittie and BFF.

What brought you to the profession?

I’ve tried out various avenues of working with animals—daycares, grooming—but I did not find them to be as impactful as veterinary medicine. I am grateful that they led me here.

Hobbies outside of work:

I love nature walks with my dog and going to concerts.

Favorite TV show/Actress:

Shows: Seinfeld and King of the Hill
Actress: Gillian Anderson

Photo courtesy of Rose City Veterinary Hospital

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