Homemade Pet Food Guidance: Client Handouts

Clients gravitate toward home-cooked pet diets for many reasons. We put together some client handouts that can help aid your conversations on homemade nutrition. 

Scroll on to download the client resources on homemade pet nutrition.

People gravitate toward home-cooked pet diets for many reasons, including confusion about pet food labels, general distrust, and devotion to pets, particularly when they get seriously sick.

Whether they know it or not, families feeding homemade diets need veterinary guidance to avoid nutrient deficiencies or excesses that happen all too easily.

Client Education

To help with your client education efforts on nutrition, we put together two resources. First, a client handout with tips for how to approach cooking a pet’s food at home safely. Second, a helpful infographic showing the common foods that are toxic to pets. 

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Client Handout: Thinking of Cooking Your Pet’s Food at Home?


Client Infographic: What Foods Are Toxic To Pets?


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