Employee of the Month, November 2022

Jeanna Buskirk, lead veterinary technician at Advanced Animal Care, in Fort Mohave, Arizona is the November 2022 employee of the month Winner!


Jeanna Buskirk

`November 2022 employee of the month winner, Jeanna Buskirk


Advanced Animal Care

Fort Mohave, Arizona


Lead Veterinary Technician






Jenn Galvin

Owner, Practice Manager

Why Is She So Awesome?

Jeanna has a way of making everyone around her feel calm, even in the most difficult situations. She doesn’t take what happens in vet med personally, but she delivers personalized, caring, and empathetic service to our clients. She has a wonderful way of getting all the personalities of our hospital to blend together to do what we do every day. She’s not afraid to be honest and always delivers criticism in a tactful and helpful
way. Above all else, Jeanna is the biggest patient advocate I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. It’s the thing she puts above all else while at—and outside of—work.

How Does She Go Above and Beyond?

Jeanna is never afraid of anything. Have a patient that’s afraid? No problem—she’s there with empathy, a kind voice, and sedatives! Complicated case? Don’t worry—she’s there to ensure all treatments get done correctly, on time, and while keeping the patient comfortable and calm. Employee issue? Not to worry—Jeanna will be there with honesty, compassion, and a plan to see that employee succeed. Hard day? Jeanna brings the calm and humor to get us all through!

In Her Own Words

Why do you love your job?

I love my patients so much (especially the dogs).

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Pets at home: Dean, the lean, mean, old, and grumpy Pomeranian rescue, and Tala, my wild and crazy border collie mix.

What brought you to the profession?

The same reason I love my job. I truly enjoy and love pets.

Favorite show: I’m going to be repetitive, but I love any books about dogs. Dexter is my favorite TV show.

Hobbies outside of work: Hiking, camping, outdoor activities, and crafts!

Photo credits: Photo courtesy of Jenn Gavin



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