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Job Descriptions and Training Schedules for the Veterinary Team
Job Descriptions and Training Schedules for the Veterinary Team
James F. Wilson, DVM, JD, and Karen Gendron, DVM
Pages: 176
Product Code: JOBDE
ISBN: 9780962100741
Publication Year: 2005
Format: Perfect-bound
Dimensions: 7" x 11"
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Clear job descriptions and training schedules are a vital but often-overlooked tool for effective practice management. Well-defined job descriptions help new employees understand what is expected of them and what tasks they must master in order to advance their careers—enhancing the productivity and happiness of your entire staff. The ultimate winners, of course, are your clients and patients, who will benefit from improved efficiency and a more consistent level of care from a well-trained, competent staff.

Effective, time-tested tools for practice management:

The job descriptions and training schedules provided in this manual are much more than simple lists of essential tasks. Instead, they are designed to be applied as management tools for employee recruitment, selection, training, evaluation, and compensation.

Job Descriptions and Training Schedules for the Veterinary Team does much of the work for you by providing comprehensive, flexible job descriptions and training schedules for a variety of key positions. All job descriptions and training schedules can (and should) be customized to meet the requirements of your own practice, which you can do by editing the files on the companion CD-ROM. The job descriptions adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Clearly defined job descriptions:

  • Identify the essential functions and tasks associated with each position
  • Set clear expectations for employees and employers
  • Provide a basis for training and evaluation
  • Set forth the practice’s medical and management philosophies
  • Communicate the standard operating procedures
  • Help protect against legal action initiated by an employee who fails to meet your expectations or standards

Training schedules with measurable outcomes:

  • Prioritize the order in which new tasks should be learned
  • Provide a timeline for achieving mastery of new tasks
  • Establish benchmarks for promotions and raises
  • Prevent new-employee overload by providing an orderly sequence of tasks to be learned

Manual includes complete job descriptions for:

  • Kennel assistants
  • Kennel managers
  • Office managers
  • Practice managers/hospital administrators
  • Receptionists
  • Technicians
  • Veterinary assistants

And training schedules for:

  • Kennel assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Technicians
  • Veterinary assistants

All content is included on the accompanying CD-ROM, so you can edit and customize job descriptions and training schedules to fit your own practice.


“An excellent resource with lots of good documentation to help bring more clarity to job descriptions. The CD allows for customization for individual practices.” James Remillard, MPA, CVPM, Remillard Management Associates, Cool, California

Softcover, with CD-ROM, Priority Press, Ltd.

System requirements: Word processing software; compatible with Mac or PC

Table of Contents


1. Basics of Job Description
2. Receptionist Job Description
3. Receptionist Training Schedule
4. Veterinary Assistant Job Description
5. Veterinary Assistant Training Schedule
6. Veterinary Technician Job Description
7. Veterinary Technician Training Schedule
8. Kennel Assistant Job Description
9. Kennel Assistant Training Schedule
10. Kennel Manager Job Description
11. Office Manager Job Description
12. Practice Manager/Hospital Administrator Job Description


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