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Legal Consents for Veterinary Practices, Fourth Edition
Legal Consents for Veterinary Practices, Fourth Edition
James F. Wilson, DVM, JD
Pages: 216
Product Code: LCFV4
ISBN: 9780962100758
Publication Year: 2006
Edition: Fourth
Format: Perfect-bound
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Member: $98.95
Non-Member: $116.95


The fourth edition of Legal Consents for Veterinary Practices is an essential practice management tool for the 21st century. This book will help you educate clients, develop and maintain good medical records, and provide top-notch service and care while building your legal defenses.

Best of all, this resource is an excellent value. Preparing just one of these forms and having it reviewed by an attorney would cost more than the entire book, which includes 72 forms and a CD-ROM!

  • In this edition are 27 new forms, including:
    • Lab testing prior to and side effects related to the administration of NSAIDs
    • An educational consent for clients seeking prescriptions to be filled at Internet pharmacies
    • Four forms focused on the provision of core and noncore annual and multi-year vaccines vs. performing blood titers
    • Credit management policies and credit application forms
    • Individual consents for acupuncture, alternative medicine, ultrasound-guided biopsies, participation as a blood donor, necropsies, and more
    • Forms from prior editions were completely reviewed and updated to provide maximal client education and to enhance each practice’s legal defenses
  • An easy-to-use CD-ROM gives you the option of customizing and printing individual forms on your own stationery — each form is saved as its own file, so you can quickly find the form you’re looking for or simply photocopy it!
  • A complete index allows you to find any form or subject quickly
  • Every form translated into Spanish to help practices communicate more effectively, efficiently, and securely with their Spanish-speaking clientele

With these consent forms, you will feel more confident about your communication with English- and Spanish-speaking clients and have a consistent way to educate them about the risks associated with common procedures. The fourth edition will help the entire health care team practice smarter, not harder.

Softcover, with CD-ROM, Priority Press Ltd.

Minimum system requirements for CD: Microsoft Word and Adobe 6.0 or higher

Content in Spanish and English

Table of Contents

1. Understanding the Legal Consent Doctrine and How to Achieve It

2. How to Use the Consent and Release Forms

A. Consent Forms for Recommended Treatment and Care

B. Consent Forms for Special Purposes or Situations

C. Consent Forms for Vaccinations and Serologic Testing

D. Consent Forms for Use of Veterinary Drugs

E. Consent Forms for Difficult Situations

F. Consent Forms for Clinical Trials and Use of Pets for Educational Purposes

G. Other Consent Forms, Policies, and Statements

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