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The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) simplifies your journey towards veterinary excellence. More than 4,500 practices have joined AAHA as an accredited practice, willingly striving to meet a higher standard of care for their patients and raising the bar for the profession. Members receive valuable benefits simply for joining and even more benefits for becoming an AAHA-accredited practice. Veterinary practices of all sizes and types are members of AAHA; we celebrate the diversity of the veterinary profession.

There are seven steps in the AAHA accreditation process, starting with the fundamental question:

Is my practice eligible to become accredited?

To become accredited, veterinary practices must meet nearly 50 mandatory AAHA standards, in addition to other applicable standards covering

  • Quality of care
  • Management
  • Medical records
  • Facility
  • Diagnostics and pharmacy

Ready to start your accreditation journey?

Please review the accreditation requirements page and if your practice follows those standards, the next step is to complete the membership application and submit your initial accreditation fee of $675.

Once we receive these, we will connect you to your dedicated AAHA accreditation specialist and practice consultant. Your dedicated AAHA team will work closely with you as you prepare for an evaluation.

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If you feel your practice is not quite ready but is still interested, we can help! Your dedicated accreditation specialist will work with you to help you prepare a plan to get ready to achieve accreditation. Simply complete the form below to start the process: