Happy 2023 AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day!

AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day marks a celebration of the superstars who uphold the AAHA Standards of Accreditation and continuously pursue better care for all patients, clients, and team members. Give your favorite AAHA-accredited vet team a high five today. They’ve earned it!

Each year on July 22 is AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day (#AAHADay), a time to appreciate all the vet med teams who work toward and achieve AAHA accreditation. Whether it’s the practice’s first year of accreditation or its 50th year (or more!), congratulations from everyone at AAHA. 

Tag your posts #AAHADay and see the celebration as it unfolds on the AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day live social media feed (aaha.org/education/aaha-accredited-hospital-day) 

What members are saying in the online AAHA Community 

I attended my first AAHA meeting in 1971 and it changed my life. Our animal clinic became AAHA accredited in 1974 and grew from a one doctor practice with one employee to six doctors and almost 30 employees. I then became inspired to join AAHA’s team of volunteers in 1980. I am a proud supporter of AAHA and all it has meant to companion animal veterinary practices throughout its important history.”  

— Clayton Mackey, DVM, Mackey Veterinary Consulting 


“The year I graduated from vet school, 1998, I won the AAHA medical and surgery student award. I honestly had no idea what AAHA was. They gave me a free conference ticket and it was my first vet conference. It became my guiding light. Twenty-five years later, I have three accredited hospitals and they are still my guiding light! Thank you AAHA!”  

Melissa Magnuson, DVM, Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital LLC 


AAHA accreditation has helped shape our practice for the last 50 years. By upholding AAHA’s standards of care, we are able to provide the gold standard of veterinary medicine and deliver the best care to our patients. It continuously challenges us to evaluate our medical procedures each year and learn ways on how we can better our processes and better serve our community. No matter who is caring for your pet at our AAHA hospital, you can be assured that they have the knowledge, resources, and training to be a top-notch caregiver!

Through my own involvement with the online AAHA community, I have met so many people who encourage my professional growth and continue to challenge me throughout my career. I hope to be a part of this group for many more years to come!  

— Danielle Richard, Lafayette Veterinary Care Center 


We’ve ONLY been accredited for 31 years 🙂 The nice thing now is that the accreditation process is almost easy. We know that we’ll be involving the whole staff, so the work is divided. Staff members volunteer for which “section” they’re most interested in and usually work in pairs to determine the answers. Involving everyone helps with their ability to speak about what AAHA means to them—they get to see what it really involves! I also notice more staff discussing it with clients around the time of our accreditation. 

Attending the AAHA conferences has provided me with a great group of other managers I can contact for advice and guidance. When I speak with them, I know that even though their clinic is in a different state and may be a different size, MOST of our values are the same. We’re also confident in recommending AAHA clinics to any of our clients who move away.    

— Karen Rooney, Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic PC 


 We have been accredited for 24–25 years [no one knows for sure when we started 😊] and I will never work at a hospital that isn’t AAHA. I know working for an AAHA hospital means that the pet really does come first. No backwoods medicine or subpar care. My doctors and team are going to do things the safest way and do it all for the patient because that is what this job is about: Patient care!  

Lynn Brummett, LVT, Union Pet Hospital 


 What I love most about the AAHA Accreditation is being able to look forward to it enhancing our hospital overall.  I think it will give additional tools for our staff to accomplish superior veterinary care to our patients.  

 — Diana Garrison, Independence Equine and Small Animal Clinic 


AAHA accreditation is a special recognition that comes with incredible support. One of my favorite aspects of being an AAHA-accredited clinic is the support that comes with it. Support in many different ways from AAHA specialists and community to guidelines and learning opportunities (as well as everything in between).  

— Vanessa Straehle, Creekside Animal Clinic 


Everyone who works at an AAHA-accredited practice gets automatic access to the AAHA Community. Just log in with your AAHA username and password at community.aaha.org 

Not sure? Check if you have an AAHA login at aaha.org. 


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