VIDEO: How recognition plays a vital role in appreciation and meaningfulness at work

Appreciation for work is a key retention driver, while meaningful work drives retention. Recognition helps foster an environment where both are prevalent.

By Connor Dunwoodie

In this video, we’ll look at the findings of AAHA’s ‘Stay, Please‘ study, with a focus on how appreciation for work and finding meaningful work play a massive role in keeping people in vetmed. In May, we talked with multiple experts who focus on improving teams within practices. You can download and read the study at

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Photo credit: © AAHA/Mickey Thomas

This article is part of our Stay, Please series, which focuses on providing resources (as identified in our Stay, Please retention study) to retain the 30% of all veterinary professionals considering leaving their clinical practice. Here at AAHA, we believe you were made for this work, and we’re committed to making clinical practice a sustainable career choice for every member of the team.



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