Employee of the Month, February2022

Melita Pinkston started out as a technician assistant, but worked her way up to Technician Manager at The Village Vets in Decatur, Georgia.



Angie Clark


Happy Tails Veterinary Emergency Clinic,
Greensboro, North Carolina


Customer Service Representative






Why Is Angie So Awesome?

Angie is awesome for so many reasons, but what stands out most about Angie is her adaptability. She is a prime example of grace under pressure. Angie is always willing to shift toward the client’s expectations and staff’s individual needs to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. If  something isn’t working, Angie is always there with an alternate strategy and applies her out-of-the-box thinking to challenges that come up in
practice, both big and small. Not only that, but she also does it all with a smile or a disarming joke that puts everyone at ease, even in the tensest and most tiring of situations.

How Does She Go Above and Beyond?

Angie trains our new CSR staff members but goes above and beyond by telling to reach out if they’re ever on shift and feel stuck, regardless of whether she is off or not. She’s always  considering staff member suggestions and uses them to modify and improve our workflow and front desk manuals. Angie’s goal is to make learning the job and the experience of working in veterinary medicine as enjoyable as possible.

In Her Own Words

Why do you love your job? I love my job because I get to be a part of an amazing team of doctors, techs, and customer service providers. Every day we save lives, end suffering, and comfort owners. We see the best and, unfortunately, the worst. I’ve cried and laughed with pet owners. It’s just the best job ever. 

Pets at home: I have two cats: Chester, an eight-year-old black and white handsome man, and Eloise, a five-year-old tabby. Both are courtesy of Happy Tails and the fact that I’m a crazy cat lady with a bleeding heart.

What brought you to the profession? I’ve been in healthcare just about my entire working career. I started in human medicine and then  transitioned to animals. Animals are more fun.

Hobbies outside of work:  Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, working in my yard, and taking road trips.

Favorite book/show: Favorite book is hands-down To Kill a Mockingbird. Favorite show? Not anything specific, but I am known for loving my cheesy Hallmark holiday movies.

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Photo credits: Photo courtesy of Happy Tails Emergency Clinic.



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