Employee of the Month, May 2022

Tracy Pinsky, Veterinary Assistant at Veterinary Medical Center, Easton, Maryland, is the May 2022 EOTM Winner!



Tracy Pinsky



Veterinary Medical Center, Easton, Maryland


Veterinary Assistant






Casey Beck, DVM,
Managing Partner/Medical Director

Why Is She So Awesome?

Tracy is a ray of sunshine who truly lights up every room. She is always positive, calm, and willing to help in any situation— whether it is in her wheelhouse or not. She brings a level of maturity, respect, resilience, and strength to the table that is so refreshing and inspiring to be around. When she is present, others feel at ease, doctors feel cared for and listened to, clients feel that their pets are truly special, and each person, animal, or colleague is treated with dignity and a level of compassion that can be hard for others to muster on challenging days..

How Does She Go Above and Beyond?

Tracy stays above the line, always raises her hand to volunteer, always takes the high road, and is someone others love and admire. She is a single mom who has stayed local, and she supports her community and enjoys the world around her— cooking, plants, her daughter, and their pets. She advocates when it’s necessary, knows when to respectfully be critical, and doesn’t hesitate to always do the right thing, no matter who stands in front of her—whether at work or in life. Tracy is a model who shows people how to keep their chin up, look on the bright side, and always choose the best version of themselves.

In Her Own Words

Why do you love your job?

I believe I can make a difference in an animal’s life as well as in their owners’. I feel that with patience, compassion, and love, we can lessen pain and stress for all who cross our path.

Favorite celebrity:  Stevie Nicks—she is a goodhearted person who is always giving love and light.

Pets at home:  Three kitties: Jaspurr, Junipurr, and Norbert; two guinea pigs, Poppy and Heather; and one chicken, Tulip.

What brought you to the profession?

After my daughter was born, I enrolled and completed a veterinary assistant course, and found my first job in the field.

Hobbies outside of work:

I love to garden, cook, read, meditate, and hang out with family and friends.

Favorite book/show:  Favorite book: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Favorite show: Supernatural.

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Photo credits: Photo courtesy of Veterinary Medical Center



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