Employee of the Month, September 2023

This month’s prize winner is Practice Manager Ericka Ivey, from All for Pets Veterinary Clinic in Cabot, Arkansas!

Ericka Ivey

Practice Manager

All for Pets Veterinary Clinic—Cabot, Arkansas

Started in veterinary medicine: 2013

Years with practice: 9

Nominated by: Katy Sala, Client Service Coordinator

Why Is Ericka So Awesome?

Ericka is so comical and witty that there’s never a dull moment around her. She shows great determination in her life and profession. Ericka is a true inspiration to all that know her.

How Does She Go Above and Beyond?

Ericka is an advocate for all employees at All for Pets. She leads by example and remains compassionate towards others in difficult situations. She never gives up and is always looking to better the staff, the practice, and herself. Her most recent endeavor is working toward earning her CVPM certification.

In Her Own Words

Why do you love your job?

I have always had a passion for veterinary medicine. Becoming a practice manager has given me a sense of purpose that I can be an advocate for animals and our employees. Not everyone can say that they enjoy coming to work every day, but I can. I have gained a family at All for Pets and couldn’t be more thankful.

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Pets at home:

I have a four-year-old black cat named Hoyt. He loves to play with the laser pointer, chase ice cubes, and parkour!

What brought you to the profession?

When I was in junior high, we had to do a presentation for a future career choice. Naturally, I chose the veterinary field. I was able to job shadow for a day at All for Pets Veterinary Clinic and knew from that moment this is what I wanted to do. Fast forward to years later, I started working at All for Pets in 2014 and became the Practice Manager of the very clinic I shadowed at when I was 13 years old. It has been a full circle moment for me!

Hobbies outside of work:

I love to go fishing, working in my garden, and spending time with my family and friends.

Favorite book:

My favorite show is Love Island!

Photo courtesy of All for Pets Veterinary Clinic



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