Not Recommended Vaccines

The not generally recommended category of vaccines pertains to diseases of low clinical significance or that respond readily to treatment; vaccines for which evidence of efficacy in the field is minimal; or vaccines that may produce a relatively higher incidence of adverse events with limited benefit. The Task Force lists the feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) vaccine as not generally recommended. This vaccine is labeled for administration from 16 weeks of age, whereas many kittens become infected with coronaviruses well before this age. It also contains a serotype II strain of FIP virus. Serotype I FIP virus strains predominate in the field and do not have cross-reactive neutralizing epitopes with serotype II strains. Therefore, as noted in the previous iteration of these guidelines,1,33 there remains insufficient evidence that this vaccine induces clinically relevant protection in the field.

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Intranasal - Attenuated live

Administration Instructions

For frequency and interval, follow label instructions

Clinically Relevant Comments for Administration

  • Not generally recommended at this time because its uncertain ability to uniformly prevent disease in North American cat populations does not justify its routine use
  • Only coronavirus seronegative cats have the potential to be protected, and most cats are seropositive before the age of recommended vaccination
  • Vaccine virus (serotype II) differs from the serotype (I) that predominantly causes clinical disease
  • The benefits and risks of vaccination remain unclear (see comments in text)

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